Here are six compelling reasons why you should buy a new Greenbriar Home:

guarantee1. Exceptional Pricing
At Greenbriar Construction we construct the highest quality built home, delivering unmatched value to you.  This has been our goal for more than 39 years that Greenbriar Construction has been building new homes.

yearWarranty2. New Home Warranty
Greenbriar's new homes come with a one year warranty in addition to extended manufacturer warranties.

color wheel3. Personalized to Your Needs
Greenbriar Construction offers a wide variety of features and functional floor plans to fit your lifestyle. You can create your own personal selections, and not be restricted by the taste of the previous owner.

savemoney4. Low Maintenance and Cost to Own
Low maintenance is one of the greatest benefits (not to mention the money you’ll save) of buying a newly constructed home. New technology and the latest features and building materials have made new homes virtually maintenance free.

Energy Efficien5. Energy Efficient
New homes are built better, required by building codes to meet stricter energy codes, with better windows, more efficient heating equipment, better control of air infiltration, and greater use of insulation to reduce energy consumption. Greenbriar Construction's modern floor plans create convenient, and open efficient living spaces.

cross6. Your Health and Safety
Materials commonly used in the past such as asbestos, lead, and formaldehyde have been eliminated from today’s construction sites, making your new Greenbriar Home a better, healthier choice. Our homes have hard-wired smoke detectors, and ground fault interrupters for bathrooms, kitchens, and outside receptacles for your safety.